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We are very sorry to have to report the sudden death in May of our Founder Member, Chairman and Archivist Philip Hudson.
Our thoughts are with Rita and the family. Philip John Hudson 1940-2016: An obituary

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Horton Wills 1706-1750 Inventories
Giggleswick Wills 1703-1750 Inventories
Update of outline sent April 2010 to YDMT – revised January 2015 sent in march 2015 to HLF
NCHRG Newsletter May 2015
NCHRG Newsletter March 2015
NCHRG Newsletter December 2014
NCHRG Newsletter May 2014
Characterization and dating of old dry limestone walls by MJ Slater and TC Lord.
NCHRG Newsletter November 2013
NCHRG Newsletter May 2013
D. Kidd: Giggleswick/Settle Quaker Kidds 1500 to 1700
NCHRG Newsletter May 2012
S. Gordon: UnderBridges Overview + Data spreadsheet + List of photos
S. Gordon, M.J. Slater and E.M. Slater: Giggleswick Wills 1390 to 1702 Booklet and Appendices, Merged Wills 1390 to 1603 and Merged Wills 1603 to 1702

NCHRG Archive Summary (PDF format) NCHRG Archive Summary (Word doc)
Giggleswick Wills 16C

Horton, Newby and Burton Bounds (Notes from Bodleian)

Horton Wills and Deeds

T Brayshaw and R M Robinson: The Ancient Parish of Giggleswick, Halton and Co London, 1932. (OCR Facsimile)

C.T.J. Dodson: The Earl of Derby's Courthouse at Burton in Lonsdale, New enlarged edition 2007

Giggleswick Tithe Map 1844

D. Johnson: Excavations of early lime kiln sites in North Craven, Dales Heritage 3 April 2005

M.J. Slater and E.M. Slater: Transcribing wills and other documents
1613 Foster Deed

S. Gordon: Settle Town Book 1749-1801
S. Gordon: Lady Anne's Way
R. Hudson: Settle Mechanics Hall

J. Fox: Lettsom 1765 Map of Settle

C.T.J. Dodson: Richard Thornton's Endowments Sesquicentennial Year at Burton in Lonsdale
C.T.J. Dodson and A. Ross: Coin from Burgage Plot at Burton in Lonsdale
J. Nelson: Memorial Plaque to Rev. R. Frankland unveiled at Rathmell 8 July 2005

Newsletters and Meeting Reports
NCHRG Newsletter May 2014
NCHRG Newsletter May 2012
Notes on NCHRG Meeting 9 December 2010
NCHRG Newsletter November 2010
Report from NCHRG Meeting 31 March 2010
NCHRG Newsletter December 2009
NCHRG Newsletter January 2009
NCHRG Newsletter December 2008
NCHRG Newsletter June 2008
News of NCHRG Projects, 22 March 2007
Re-Thinking Craven's Limestone Landscape: NCHRG Workshop, Bainbridge October 2006
NCHRG Newsletter November 2006
Notes on NCHRG Meeting 5 June 2006
Exhibition: Settle Victoria Hall, Saturday 1st October 2005
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