North Craven Historical Research Group
  • The Research Group shall comprise Officers and Research Volunteers
  • The Officers of the Research Group will be the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist and Project Coordinator, Outreach & Education Officer. All posts will be honorary. The Officers will be elected annually at an AGM.
  • The Group’s facilities shall be open to bone fide researchers. Those researching personal projects will be encouraged to make a donation to the Research Group
  • The Group's income shall be derived from grants, donations and fundraising
  • All the Group income will be spent on promoting the aims of the group
  • In the event of the Group closing down, all assets will be disposed of to a group(s) which has similar aims and objectives
  • The Group will appoint a project coordinator for each project
  • The Group will hold quarterly meetings of Officers and Research Volunteers to review progress of projects and determine future strategy
  • The Treasurer will review the Finances of the Group quarterly and circulate a summary of the Group's financial status to Officers and members.